Luis Alvarez, PhD

Luis Alvarez, PhD — Elevian Co-Founder; Head, Organ Manufacturing, United Therapeutics

Dr. Alvarez is Director of Organ Manufacturing at United Therapeutics. Prior, he was the founding Deputy Director of the DoD's Regenerative Medicine Program office where he oversaw a portfolio ranging from early stage S&T to phase II clinical trials. Previously he was the director of the DoD's $720M nerve agent pharmaceutical countermeasures program. Dr. Alvarez is also the founder of Theradaptive, an MIT spin-out developing a biologics delivery platform for orthopedic regeneration. He holds a PhD in Biological Engineering and an MS in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he was a Hertz Foundation Fellow. A graduate of West Point, Dr. Alvarez is also a decorated combat veteran and is a recipient of the Combat Action Badge and Bronze Star Medal. Dr. Alvarez leads of team of protein engineers at Theradaptive developing GDF11, GDF11 variants, and other protein therapeutics for Elevian.