Manisha Sinha, PhD — Elevian, Head, Cell Biology

Manisha Sinha, PhD — Head, Cell Biology

Dr. Sinha was a leading contributor to the seminal observations demonstrating the rejuvenating capacity of GDF11 at Harvard University. As a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Amy Wagers, she was the lead author and co-author on the pioneering articles published in Science and Cell that demonstrated the profound effects of GDF11 supplementation in aging models of cardiovascular disease, muscle wasting, and serve as the foundation for Elevian’s R&D programs. After her post-doctoral training at Harvard, Dr. Sinha joined Biogen where she established and led the cell-based target and therapeutic validation efforts for multiple programs focusing on development of epigenetic drugs for neurodegenerative diseases. Subsequently, as a Principal Scientist at Solid Biosciences, she built and directed the internal cell-based research focused on the development of a gene replacement therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Dr. Sinha holds a PhD degree from UMass Medical School, where she graduated with the Dean’s Outstanding Achievement Award and studied mechanistic processes of recombinational repair of a chromosomal break in the eukaryotic genome leading to publications in the prestigious journals Cell and Molecular Cell.